• Anna Hauss, Robert Wienröder, Raphael Seidel, Jakob Hegner

STILL IN THE WOODS is a paradox. A meditation in the middle of the dance floor, and yet one is clearly in the right place at the right time. Honest, sophisticated songwriting mixes with melancholy post-rock sounds, jazzy harmonies and energetic hip hop grooves. All of this is carried by the voice of Anna Hauss, who reveals an emotional complexity that one knows from great soul singers.

Extensive touring is one of their hallmarks, so they have already travelled all over Germany and in many European countries. That led – combined with the release of the debut album “Rootless Tree” (2018) – to the emergence of an international fan base. The album was recommended by ZEITmagazin as “engagingly melodic,” the WDR named it album of the week and the ORF saw the album as “one of the most interesting indie new releases of this year.”