Rootless Tree

“Anna Hauss meets the attitude to life and thoughts of so many with her clever lyrics. Musically, this is so convincingly implemented that the album ‘ Rootless Tree ‘ is already one of the most interesting indie releases of this year. “ (ORF)

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“With the pleasantly melodic record ‘ Rootless Tree ‘ by the band Still in the Woods, you can brag about his alleged jazz skills in front of friends-without any headaches!”


‘ it’s about orientation, roots, connectedness, in good tradition of good songwriters it’s about life and what you want from it. You hear the singer think she’s thinking what she’s singing, and in the end the rhythm wins again. “


“With a lot of breakup, the free-spirited students from Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin occupy such an as yet unknown niche.”


“Their album has not only the character of a concept album, but also a literary dimension. […] It’s fair to say that Still in the Woods wants to play more than jazz and also do more than singer-songwriter songs. The quartet wants to reconcile the two without making a clear decision for either side. “

Jazz thetics

[Still In The Woods]”It seems to soak up everything they hear and to establish a musical home from it. […] The debut album tells-in sound and word-of being unbound, of wistful hints and the search for something new. “

Cultural tip (Switzerland)

“In fact, Still In The Woods here dare to mix story-oriented songwriting and hard-hitting jazz rock escapades in a format that can still be understood as a pop song. […] The result is as fascinating, complex and challenging as it is obvious. […] Finally, a project in which everything is taken to extremes without any bending. “

Ulrich Maurer at

“An entire, red, musical thread runs from the first sound to the last and makes the new release sound like a cast. Rhythmically sophisticated with good pace changes, digital effects and a drive that really brings joy. “

Claus Friede on

“It’s just admirable that Still In The Woods wants to move away from eternally chewed through clich├ęs and explore realities of being human in a very individual way.”