Rootless Tree

“Anna Hauss meets the attitude to life and thoughts of so many with her clever lyrics. Musically, this is so convincingly implemented that the album ‘ Rootless Tree ‘ is already one of the most interesting indie releases of this year. “ (ORF)

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“With the pleasantly melodic record ‘ Rootless Tree ‘ by the band Still in the Woods, you can brag about his alleged jazz skills in front of friends-without any headaches!”


‘ it’s about orientation, roots, connectedness, in good tradition of good songwriters it’s about life and what you want from it. You hear the singer think she’s thinking what she’s singing, and in the end the rhythm wins again. “


“With a lot of breakup, the free-spirited students from Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin occupy such an as yet unknown niche.”


“Their album has not only the character of a concept album, but also a literary dimension. […] It’s fair to say that Still in the Woods wants to play more than jazz and also do more than singer-songwriter songs. The quartet wants to reconcile the two without making a clear decision for either side. “

Jazz thetics

[Still In The Woods]”It seems to soak up everything they hear and to establish a musical home from it. […] The debut album tells-in sound and word-of being unbound, of wistful hints and the search for something new. “

Cultural tip (Switzerland)

“In fact, Still In The Woods here dare to mix story-oriented songwriting and hard-hitting jazz rock escapades in a format that can still be understood as a pop song. […] The result is as fascinating, complex and challenging as it is obvious. […] Finally, a project in which everything is taken to extremes without any bending. “

Ulrich Maurer at

“An entire, red, musical thread runs from the first sound to the last and makes the new release sound like a cast. Rhythmically sophisticated with good pace changes, digital effects and a drive that really brings joy. “

Claus Friede on

“It’s just admirable that Still In The Woods wants to move away from eternally chewed through clichés and explore realities of being human in a very individual way.”



‘Flying Waves’ Record Release Tour

16.10.2019BerlinBadehaus (feat. Olicía)Tickets
29.11.2019Frankfurt a.M.mampf
02.12.2019BrüsselThe Owl's Space
09.12.2019HannoverMusikzentrum (feat. Hagelslag)
10.12.2019MannheimMerry Messplatz
11.12.2019MünchenPasinger Fabrik
12.12.2019AugsburgGrandhotel Cosmopolis
13.12.2019ViechtachAltes Spital
14.12.2019Wien1019 Jazzclub
11.01.2020LeipzigHorns Erben

past performances

07.09.2019 Löherstraßenfest Fulda
06.09.2019 Liederlauschen Berlin
29.08.2019 L'Archiduc Brüssel
24.08.2019 Luna Lounge London
22.08.2019 Marlborough Theatre Brighton
28.06.2019 Fusion Festival Lärz
18.05.2019 Folks Club München
10.05.2019 XJAZZ-Festival Berlin
07.05.2019 frühlingZZ benefiZZ jaZZ Leipzig
22.02.2019 Jazz IG Lüneburg
22.01.2019 The Swag Jam Berlin
19.12.2018 HfM Dresden Dresden
24.11.2018 ABdäncen 61 Leipzig
24.11.2018 Horns Erben Leipzig
23.11.2018 Auster Club feat. Seraleez Berlin
16.11.2018 Café Livres Essen
15.11.2018 The Owl's Space Brüssel
14.11.2018 Synagoge Bochum Bochum
27.10.2018 Volksbad Buckau c/o Frauenzentrum Courage Magdeburg
29.09.2018 Alte Seilerei Bamberg
28.09.2018 Grandhotel Cosmopolis Augsburg
27.09.2018 Rennbahn Schwabing München
24.09.2018 Tunnel Vienna Wien
23.09.2018 Altes Spital ⮫ Viechtach
22.09.2018 Jazzfest Batzdorf Batzdorf
20.09.2018 JazzClub Kiste ⮫ Stuttgart
19.09.2018 Jazz iG ⮫ Göppingen
16.09.2018 Stadtkirche ⮫ Darmstadt
15.09.2018 Mampf ⮫ Frankfurt
14.09.2018 Kulturkeller ⮫ Fulda
13.09.2018 Salonfestival ⮫ Hannover
11.09.2018 Miss Marple's ⮫ Trier
10.09.2018 Schon Schön ⮫ Mainz
08.09.2018 Pierre Grasse ⮫ Halle
07.09.2018 Birdland (feat. Hagelslag) ⮫ Hamburg
06.09.2018 Donau115 (feat. Hagelslag) ⮫ Berlin
03.09.2018 Laden auf Zeit Leipzig
02.09.2018 Liederlauschen ⮫ Berlin
05.07.2018 Donau115 Berlin
14.06.2018 Peter und der Jazz ⮫ Rostock
13.06.2018 Blue Note ⮫ Dresden
12.06.2018 Telegraph ⮫ Leipzig
02.06.2018 Kultstätte Keller ⮫ Berlin
29.05.2018 Astra-Stube ⮫ Hamburg
22.03.2018 Szimpla Kert Budapest (HUN)
23.03.2018 ILKO Gallery Uzhorod (UKR)
24.03.2018 House of the Architect Kiev (UKR)
25.03.2018 Perron#7 Odessa (UKR)
02.12.2017 Kultstätte Keller Berlin
24.10.2017 Kunstfabrik Schlot Berlin
14.10.2017 Kulturbahnhof Biesenthal
30.09.2017 Jazzfest Batzdorf ⮫ Batzdorf
29.09.2017 Donau 115 ⮫ Berlin
28.09.2017 Fujiama Roadshow Berlin
27.09.2017 Horns Erben ⮫ Leipzig
26.09.2017 Blue Note Dresden
25.09.2017 Mon Ami ⮫ Weimar
24.09.2017 WirGarten Erfurt
23.09.2017 Mampf ⮫ Frankfurt
22.09.2017 Kulturkeller ⮫ Fulda
20.09.2017 Plan B Salzburg
18.09.2017 Tunnel Wien
15.09.2017 Kiste ⮫ Stuttgart
15.09.2017 Die Anstoß ⮫ Karlsruhe
13.09.2017 Salonfestival ⮫ Hamburg
12.09.2017 Platzprojekt Hannover
08.09.2017 Birdland ⮫ Hamburg
27.07.2017 Burg Herzberg Festival Breitenbach a.H.
19.05.2017 Schleusenufer Berlin
18.05.2017 Fujiama Roadshow Berlin
17.04.2017 Laden auf Zeit Leipzig
22.02.2017 Jazzbar Zukunft Berlin
28.01.2017 Neideck-Keller Arnstadt
22.01.2017 Moritzbastei ("Voices Unplugged") Leipzig
18.12.2016 "Atelierhaus-Session" Berlin
11.12.2016 b-flat Berlin
07.10.2016 Blue Note Dresden
05.10.2016 Horns Erben Leipzig
04.10.2016 Kulturpalast Hannover
03.10.2016 mon ami Weimar
30.09.2016 Backstage Fulda
29.09.2016 mampf Frankfurt a.M.
27.09.2016 Zauber von Os Osnabrück
23.09.2016 De Peper Amsterdam
22.09.2016 Birdland Hamburg
27.07.2016 Schleusenufer Berlin
15.09.2016 Fujiama Roadshow Berlin
18.06.2016 Café Tasso Berlin
26.05.2016 Fujiama Roadshow Berlin
29.04.2016 Kunstfabrik Schlot Berlin
15.03.2016 Telegraph Leipzig
17.02.2016 Blue Note Dresden
21.01.2016 Horns Erben ("Young Artists in Concert") Leipzig
16.12.2015 Jazzclub Tonne ("Drum & Bass Night") Dresden
18.09.2015 Klunkerkranich Berlin





STILL IN THE WOODS is a paradox. A meditation in the middle of a dancefloor, and still you are clearly in the right place at the right time. Sincere, sophisticated songwriting is mixed with energetic Hip-Hop-grooves, jazzy harmonies and melancholic Post-Rock-sounds. All of that carried by Anna Hauss’ voice which reveals an impressive emotional complexity.

With their debut-album “Rootless Tree” (2018) they have been on tour extensively in all parts of Germany, also in numerous European countries and on several festivals, which led to the growth of an international fanbase. The album has been recommended by ZEITmagazin, the WDR chose it to be album of the week and for the ORF it was “one of the most interesting new Indie-releases this year”. The second album “Flying Waves”, which will be released in fall 2019, shows the musical and personal development of the band, inspired by the pulse of the time as well as by wind and water, which played an important role in the emergence of the music.


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